Amazon Fire TV 'STICK' - Voice model discontinued?

Found 30th Jan 2017
I was browsing to pick up one of these via Argos today, no sign of the voice model or the placement page you usually land on detailing the voice/standard sticks.

Item number was 450/9143.

Over to Amazon - nothing that side either, an option for the certified refurb model with voice is currently unavailable, but that is the only mention.

Thoughts? 2016 AC WiFi Stick is finally on the way?
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amazon have been having difficulty producing enough voice remotes. I don't think they will stop selling them tho.

btw, they are a waste of space anyway. until full UK alexa on firetv/stick is available there really is no point.

I largely agree, I do however plan to use the standard remote (I have a … I largely agree, I do however plan to use the standard remote (I have a spare) with the new stick and utilise the voice remote for my echo dot, in areas outside of the mic range (upstairs).

Perhaps subscribe to Amazon FireTV news.... it says....
Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick back in stock after being backordered for 5 months
by AFTVnews

The Alexa Voice Remote for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has just come back in stock. It went out of stock for the first time in August and has been backordered ever since. I speculated earlier this month that Amazon may be having trouble manufacturing enough of these remotes since, at the time, the voice remote was backordered and all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick bundles which included the voice remote were out of stock worldwide, while bundles that did not include the voice remote were in stock. It seems Amazon has, for the time being at least, worked out their supply issues because all bundles, except the Fire TV 2 in the US, are now back in stock. If you've been wanting to pick up a spare or replacement voice remote, here's your rare chance to get it without having to wait.
cant you use the firetv app and use the mic on your tablet/phone instead?

Thanks, I thought along the same lines of stock issues at first, but … Thanks, I thought along the same lines of stock issues at first, but Argos removing a specific landing page for the voice stick AND removing the item itself, entirely? Not to mention, Amazon removed the voice remote sale listing, not just 'out of stock' it's gone.A simple 'out of stock' would suffice for such a popular product, IMO.Would anyone like to take a guess at when the new 2016 model will appear on the UK side? Perhaps not at all, or maybe it will replace the voice 'model' and leave a more basic offering at a discounted price.

Personally I think that the roll out of Alexa UK on ftv will coincide with the sale of voice remotes starting again. Just a guess but seems likely. It's a pain that Amazon seem to view UK FTV users as poor relations but that's the way it is sadly. I think it's supposed to be happening February/March here.
There's a new fire stick and Fire TV coming out that's on sale in the US already. That's probably while stocks of the old one are limited.
I'm looking for this new stick as it's quad core rather then dual core
im loloking for this too
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