Amazon Free Delivery

    If you find something you want to buy on Amazon but it falls short of the amount necessary to qualify for free super saver delivery. Try searching for items to make up the difference in price using this site.…tml


    Handy to know thanks.

    I just entered £1.34 as a random number, it gave something priced at £2.34 which is fair enough. The most expensive is an ipod at over £100 :?

    I then entered £2.34 and instead of showing you the same item for £2.34, the cheapest is £2.50. :thinking:

    Original Poster

    there is also this one which I think has been posted before


    it only has like 20 different products on it!

    None of those sites brought up the 15 pence YES 15p 'pocket glider' that is an ideal filler. Dont know what it looks like but its cheap.

    REDRANGER86;1663124 is much better

    Thats the one I use

    I agree, the filleritem one is better!
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