Posted 31st Mar 2023
Haven't read about this anywhere so have they tried to do this on the quiet ?
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Orders including £10 or more of eligible books that Amazon dispatches qualify for FREE Standard Delivery. All orders of £25 or more of eligible items that Amazon dispatches, across any product category also qualify for FREE Standard Delivery. With FREE Standard Delivery, your order is delivered three to five business days after all of your items are available to be dispatched, including pre-order items.

Delivery information here
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Free delivery (any spend) to local Pick-up Point
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    Increased from £20 to £25 in the 49 minutes between 30 March 2023 23:59:57 GMT and 31 Mar 2023 00:43:49 GMT,
    so let's assume from midnight of Thurs 30th / Fri 31st March 2023.

    £25 within line 2091 "view-source:" at
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    I seem to get free click and collect on all orders. Is everyone else getting this or is it just specific to certain accounts?
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    I also get this for deliveries to a local set of lockers. Just ordered a £4.50 bottle of ear drops that will be delivered free.
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    Not specific to this price rise but there is a recent article regarding retailers cost pressures and how its impacting their delivery costs and how they are addressing this.…24/
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    Well i hope they get a big backlash over this as they have tried to pull a fast one by not telling people.

    As much as i dont like what Tesco have done with their £40 to £50 increase for home delivery and £5 min basket charge at least they emailed people with a warning it was coming.

    What Amazon have done is just really sneaky.
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    Arguably the same stint they pulled off last Year!, pertaining to their Amazon Prime membership thing too, actually?

    But yet ...


    Let's just say, the jury's currently out, as to which way the wind is as yet still to blow, etc?
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    Another reason to avoid Amazon...
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    Was annoying enough having to get to £20. £25 would just take me to eBay more.
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    Free delivery to local pick-up point
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    I noticed this too and it seems to have been sneaked through on the quiet, nothing came up when I googled it even. Thought there would be a backlash. Suppose its an easy way to 'encourage' people onto Prime which they also increased recently
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    Just tried to order a mose for £22 and was asked for postage, so had to add something to get order over £25. So googled it ad ended up here. However if you click on the "why didn't I qualify for free postage" button when ordering it still says the mininmum order for free postage is 20 so Amazon are doing a very poor effort at making people aware of this.
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    Free delivery to local pick-up point
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    Thanks for this - and the timestamping screenshots in other posts to show when the change was introduced.

    Saw nothing in the news and only found this post via Google when I "found out the hard way" just now (missing collagen supplement can in poorly packaged box for S&S delivery which had split open in transit - original cost of item £9.98, Amazon unable to replace despite being still in stock(!), so having to reorder afresh at £13.98... added extras that I didn't really "need" to make up the £20, only to find out that's now £25. Grrrr....!)
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    The other news related to Amazon is that the Book Depository (owned by Amazon) is closing down, prices for books on this website use to be great but not now!…242
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    Sneaky price increase. I usually check for the same goods on ebay, prices are cheaper and with free postage.
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    Good spot. i think you just found out about before the papers.
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    Agreed. Not a single mention in the news
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    Yep, just checked it and the limit has indeed gone up.
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    Yes, just spotted also
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    I just noticed this too. Only ordered from them a day or two ago and it was still £20 then. Surprised there wasn’t a big announcement over this
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    Sneaky. Suppose too many Prime members these days for many to notice. Hopefully click and collect is still free?
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    Otherwise known as eejits! - Why would you waste your time on membership? And it encourages people to have small items, they might not need right away, delivered, which is extremely bad for the environment.
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    I used to struggle to top up to £20.00 anyway buying things I don’t really need to ‘save’ £4.95. Typical Amazon “you will do what we say or lump it”.
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    Free delivery to local pick-up point
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    I went to order something yesterday and noticed the price increase. No notice or warning. They'll most probably say it's because they need to pay their staff more, to stop them from striking.
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    My eldest son works in one of their warehouses .Hasnt been on strike yet!
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    An yes, something else rising by inflation's "10%"
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    Yes i noticed this too when i checked my wish list.
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    As long as they keep offering free returns though this doesn’t have a huge impact 
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    Just seen this myself
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