Amazon Free Money?

    Hey guys, my amazon account is permanently giving me discounts of I think £7.88. I think this is due to hellmans, but I havent used it since before xmas? I dont even add the book. This happening for everyone else?


    Nope - does it automatically do it when you add something to your basket, or are you inputting a code ?

    it was doing it for me automatically when the code worked, it doesnt do it anymore though.

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    Hi I didnt input anything?

    The only ever codes ive ever used on amazon is the hellsmans code before xmas, and i just bagged up a wii, and it said i had £7.88 value.... I didnt input nothing, no time when you're after a wii lol.

    Ive had confirmation of my wii at £170 ish

    Cool can we all use your account

    lol col!

    deal add a £10 item and go asif ur going to checkout see if really works!

    Sure you didn't have a gift certificate balance in your account which it took off the once?

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    Ive never had/used gift certificates with amazon before, the only thing ive ever used is hellmans before xmas! Im guna try again, stick a DVD and checkout and see what it says....

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    hmmm, i was checking out with severence on DVD as it was the first thing I saw. and 51p off lol
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