Amazon Gift card " already redeemed to another account" , scratchy sticker was intact!

Found 9th Jan 2016
Hello, i just received an amazon gift card that didn't have the scratchy sticker used, i rubbed it off myself, but when i tried to redeemed it it says " redeemed to another account". I did buy this on ebay but the seller seems legit and sent it to me speedily etc.
I've just messaged the seller, but im wondering is there a way he may of redeemed it beforehand? or possibly the gc was just a bad/glitchy one?

Any help appreciated.
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I redeemed a gift card just yesterday by scanning the QR code, I didn't need to enter any other details, I did scratch the panel to see if the codes matched though.

Maybe that is what has happened here.
Ah, that is possible, i never thought of that!
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