Amazon gift card on prime now?

Posted 24th Dec 2016
Can you use a gift card towards your order on prime now? Added it to my amazon account but cant see anything in the order total which says the gift card will deduct the order
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I asked Amazon a few weeks ago as I had same issue, apparently you can't right now
Well I can, used it yesterday

Well I can, used it yesterday

How did you do it may i ask?
I don't know why you can't. I added the gift card to my balance. When I checked out it took the full amount off in the to pay box, showing as gift balance/payment.
Is it still not possible to use your gift card balance? Amazon have the Switch near me on Prime Now, but not on their normal website. I have £200+ credit to spend!
Ive never been able to use it on the PRIME NOW app. I rang their cust servs in Ireland and they said not able to as its a separate entity. If its grocerys try using amazon pantry instead as you can use them on there
I bought an Amazon gift card and entered the claim code into the "enter a gift card or promo code" field on the PrimeNow checkout and it was applied to the account. Then I could use that balance for my purchase, however I am in the US.
Hope that helps
So I tried to use prime now today with gift card applied to my main Amazon account and they said it's not possible. However I'm not one to be old what I can and can't do when it comes to money. Anyway long story short I argued with them over the phone for an hour and they removed the gift card from my Amazon account and applied it to my prime now account as a credit note. Ordered placed. Very happy
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