Amazon Gift Card shop needed please

Found 14th Dec 2012
Hi folks

Can anyone tell me where we can get an Amazon giftcard?

Its for putting money onto it for a Xmas present
Cant seem to find a shop that does them


asda,sainsburys, tesco maybe

You can get one online through Amazon to be sent as an E-card. Or a physical copy through a high street retailer.

Original Poster

Thanks guys

Tescos for sure

id go for buying on amazon and if its over £40 it comes in a really nice gift box , and you all get free next day delivery (_;)

Picked up a couple from Superdrug yesterday - dont be confused into what type to buy either i.e. MP3, Kindle etc as ALL gift cards work the same once added to your account.

Morrisons, you will get a fuel voucher too. say if u spend £40 on vouchers u get 4p off a litre

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Looks like were getting an MP3 one (£10)

Its for my mum to download kindle books
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Get them from Play.com, cheapest price there.

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