Amazon - HD DVD Offer from last month with Harry Potter delay - BEWARE: AMAZON OVERCHARGE

Finally had the last three Harry Potter HD DVDs from Amazons great offer last month supposedly despatched last night.

However, I was charged full price for all three on despatch i.e. £6.97 each, which means that I was out of pocket by over £9. Amazingly, my order total got changed at some time from £20.91 to £29.93. How bad is that?

Anyway, after a fair amount of complaining (including one extended conversation where I finally got cut off with no return of call) I got a full refund of these last 3 HD DVDs as compensation, so got 6 HD DVDs (including 5 HP titles) for a grand total of £9.02.

I know a lot of people on this site ordered these too and had the same delay so though it was worth posting as I expect they will be overcharged too. Also, very surprised that a website of Amazon's stature could have this major glitch.


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good information for those effected by this

I had a similar experience, they cancelled my order, but took 70p from my account, when I noticed the prices had gone back up and I was charged more!

When I raised this with customer services, they refunded the difference. The set of HArry Potters was for my girlfriend's birthday, when I rang them up a second time to tell them that the wait was riddiculos and they had spoilt my present they told me to cancel my order re-order with Amazon and select next day delivery and they would again refund the difference

Excellent customer service I say - though I am still waiting for Blood Diamond!


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Thanks. Thought about bunging it there but hope everyone who went for this offer sees it.

Finally got good customer service but wasted a long time talking to some american woman who I gave my telephone number to in case I got cut off. Then when I did get cut off, she didn't phone me back. Guess she might have done it deliberately.

Luckily I dodnt them :thumbsup:
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