Found 22nd Apr 2009
just got an email relating to me attepting to buy avp on blu ray for £9.99 from amazon
stating that the price that was on thier website incorrect and my order has been cancelled
i can of course pay the full amount torepurchase this item
my question is can they do this and is there anything i can do about it


Yes they can, you only enter into a contract to purchase once money has been taken. As most on-line retailers don't collect payment until the item is despatched ,then at any time until that point the retailer can cancel the purchase.
Sucks don't it.................

They have obviously been caught out before so now have the processes in place so they dont have to sell at the wrong price. So I'm afraid , yes , they can and they regularly do do this. I had one cancelled last week for a miss price.

UK contract law states that if consideration has changed hands then there is a valid contract in place. Therefore if you paid via credit card and the transaction went through then they are bound legally to supply. If you only ordered it because it wasn't in stock yet and they haven't taken the funds then there is no binding contract.

The same rules apply in a shop. If an item is on the shelf or in the window with a very low price, the shop is not bound to sell it at that price, because the law says that the price is an 'invitation to treat' and that the deal is done at the till.

At least that's how it was when I studied contract law in the mid-1970s. I doubt that it's changed since.
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