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Amazon Household & Amazon Fire TV, Echo Voice Control Problems Question?

Posted 3rd Nov 2020

HI All, so I have recently purchased my parents an Amazon Fire 4K Stick, we all live in the same household, they live downstairs and I live upstairs, as I am the primary PRIME account holder, I thought it would be simpler to simply set-up this device in my account and in PRIME video simpler set-up a secondary profile for my parents, however this seems to be presenting a problem because I also have an Amazon Fire 4K Stick on my TV and also have an Echo Dot, when I ask Alexa to turn on the TV and turn off the TV or pause, or go to home page etc? Alexa controls my TV.

However when I set up the NEW Amazon Fire 4K Stick for my parents on thier TV every-time I ask Alexa to turn off the TV and control things, Alexa seems to prioritize the NEW Amazon Fire 4K stick, for example today I was listening to music and said "Alexa turn off the TV" she did not turn off my TV but switched off my parents TV downstairs LOL... and my mum & dad thought we had a ghost or a power-cut LOL

Have any of you experienced similar issues using identical devices in the same household using just one account?

I have now plugged and RESET my parents Amazon Fire 4K Stick and Alexa is back to controlling my TV which is how it needs to be without affecting my parents TV downstairs but before I set it back up I need to know how to get around this issue.

Also what is AMAZON HOUSEHOLD and would this be the way to prevent this from happening?

If you set up an Amazon Household does you family member set-up an Amazon Device using their email address or the primary account holder email address?
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