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Amazon invite

deleted2974797's avatar deleted2974797
Posted 22nd Nov 2023
I'm new on here:)
So I had an amazon invite for the amazon fire TV 55 inch £150
Anyone received the email to buy?
I've been looking for the email since i woke up at 7 lol
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    They are sending the invites out from 24/11
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    Thank you
  2. mxttkeep's avatar
    Has the deal disappeared for anyone else? I can’t find it now
  3. Tyronnster's avatar
    51578055-IRVSV.jpgNope not happening
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    Me too
  4. Onlydongles's avatar
    Go to sleep once again revisit the nightmare. You might find it.

    Else might have to wait till 1st April 2024.
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  5. Tyronnster's avatar
    Anyone have an invite. Not got anything or heard anyone with one
  6. rsmac81's avatar
    I've not heard anything yet, would be interested to know if they have sent out all the invites
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  8. maktiger12's avatar
    Hello All,

    Same here... Just got email saying:

    " Due to the incredible popularity of the Invite-only deal you requested, we ran out of deal invites. But, we still have incredible prices on many similar products. "

    Have been patiently and eagerly waiting since 22.11.2023.

    I have been a loyal customer of Amazon for many many years and I am so disappointed and not very impressed.

    I wonder how many will actually get the special link to buy and then get their orders fulfilled???


    M. (edited)
  9. Mehuel_Divecha's avatar
    Wonder if they will respond … x.com/meh…mHw this sounds like the under armour deal sometime back if you know you know…
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    I replied
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