Posted 10th Jan 2023
I'm wanting to return what I believe to be a non-genuine product to Amazon Italy. However I've run into 2 problems.

They will only refund 4 euros towards return postage and the return will cost at least double that.
Because the product is used (I had to use it to know that the product isn't any good and therefore I believe not genuine), I may not get a refund or just a partial refund. This is the warning you're given before submitting a refund "ATTENTION! By clicking the 'confirm your return' button, you agree to the Returns Policy and will remove any personal items or information from the product(s) you return. Items which are not returned in pristine condition may be subject to a reduced refund".
I chatted with Italy CS to ask about all this and was told yeah and there's nothing you can do about it. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that managers don't speak with customers so no.

The chat kicked off badly as I started chatting in English and was told they only chat with Italian speakers. After querying who I could speak with, I was told to use a translator. Fair enough I should have thought of that but I wonder if I got their back up and they were being deliberately unhelpful? Can you really not speak with a manager and is there no recourse if you believe the item you bought is a counterfeit? I was offered 5 euros as a one-off good will gesture towards a 70 euro spend which included delivery. I declined as the item is useless.
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    You can email them in English.…way
    Choose item
    Choose "L'articolo non soddisfa le aspettative.
    Click "Ho ancora bisogno di aiuto"

    Or just turn on translate in chrome to make it easier to find the link

    Then email and explain and they will offer to reimburse the difference once they receive the item , at which point you email them the proof of postage cost.
    This worked, got it all sorted thanks again
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    Go through the return section again and pick another option

    Performance or quality not adequate.

    I find it a pain when you're being honest twitch Amazon, I bought a use camera from their warehouse it was damaged and I told chat and they sent me a returns unit. Then they tried telling me the item returned was not the one they sent me. They wouldn't send me proof etc and tried keeping my money.

    Now I just don't bother telling them the item is broken, fake etc. I just sent it back with the option above and it's usually free returns. Not sure for over seas but worth a try.
    Thanks but I tried that already unfortunately - tried 2 different options which were item defective and doesn't work and also inadequate performance/quality.

    I've been reading up a lot more about Amazon problems since this happened and it's really shocking. People are sending returns with fake/different products which weren't checked on return for whatever reason and then when Amazon sell it again via warehouse and the new customer ends up returning it, they're the one who's at fault.. I'm really being put off Amazon now, so many fake items and a lot of it is more expensive now than other retailers. It's just now worth the hassle anymore imo and that's without mentioning their dodgy employment record and tax evasion.
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    Too be honest, reading through other peoples experiences of returns to Amazon Europe, the package will end up back at your door and you will get a refund.
    This is exactly the case. I received mine back all crumpled and tatty but intact. Amazon refunded me out of nowhere too.
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    Lol they do give you a right telling off for speaking in their non-native language.
    I'm fine with that tbh I can see it as irritating but at the same time it's odd that a global company doesn't use CS reps that can speak multiple languages given that they don't sell exclusively to Italians
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    Ah perfect thank you! I'll try the link and see if I get further this time
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