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hi my dad normally uses my amazon to get he's stuff but opened a new amazon account at the weekend to get me a Xmas present he got an email saying it has been delivered yesterday and on the site other says it was handed to him but he was in all day and did not get any delive he's checked with neighbours and no one has taking it in for him.what can he do about this he's a bit worried as this is the first time technically his used the site and thinks they mite not believe him in

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Contact Amazon asap and also contact the courier who "delivered" the item, I will assume it was Yodel or Hermes, they have a long bad history of saying they have delivered items but in reality they have actually lost or stolen them or delivered to the wrong address, DO NOT back down.

I had a similar experience a few months ago -- I'd waited in all day for something that claimed to have been delivered but had never arrived. I called Amazon and they said they'd check with the courier. I received an email response that the courier said they'd delivered it. I called Amazon back, adamant that I hadn't received it and they refunded my money.

It took a couple of phone calls but they refunded my money. Amazon didn't resist too much and, of course, they have to check things as best they could. Like Holly1985 said, don't back down.

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thanks I'll let him know what you both said just hope its some think nice and not just socks lol

I've had this a few times with couriers, they say on the tracking details that its been delivered when it hasnt. I've had to call them up and complain, they then get the courier to actually deliver it. A few times it turned out the courier couldnt deliver for whatever reason so they gave it to their mate to deliver, who never did...

they are using lots of new couriers because of the hugh backlog and some deliver to the wrong address

Amazon are usually good with things like this and they will refund or replace xxx

If it was coming via Amazon logistics you at never see it

You may never see it

I had something from Amazon delivered and they'd put a card through my letter box saying its in my "outhouse" I don't have an outhouse lol! I complained as it was clearly not delivered and a replacement was sent. Amazon have very good customer services so I wouldn't worry too much Delivery companies are just rubbish!
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check the bin, that seems to be the dumping place of choice at the moment

In the past I have had courier tracking saying the item has been delivered when it hasn't. The courier then delivers the item a day or two later. I think it may be to do with meeting targets that they say it has been delivered when it hasn't.

I am unsure whether it happened with an Amazon order but it has definitely happened with other companies using Yodel/Hermes. Happened the other year with the Philips Monitor deal from eBay Dabs store. Received one monitor and the other item ordered separately said it had been delivered on a Friday when it hadn't. I got rather concerned but it then got delivered on a Sunday.

Amazon are usually good to deal with. Either the item turns up or Amazon resends another/refunds.

So it should be a happy result in the end.

I had the same issue a few weeks back. I ordered 2 items from Amazon on the black Friday sale, I expected delivery on the 4th December but when I tracked it online (on the order summary) it says goods delivered on the 1st. I contacted amazon (from the website) on the live chat and they politely requested I wait a few more days to see if the goods arrive as it may be a technical error. I then waited 3 more days (as requested) and as the item still had NOT arrived, they gave me a full refund within two days or the option to resend the items to me. I hope this helps!
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