Amazon - items starting from 1p - where's the link?

Found 2nd Jan 2008
There used to be a link to…ice where you could find items on Amazon starting at 1p. Anyone know where this page has moved to???

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Down the bottom of the page, left hand side

Amazon deals.
I cant find it, anyone able to screen dump?
It's at the bottom of the page left hand side in the footer. "Amazon Deals" It now has its own domain
Oh dear - does anyone have any links for an opticians too? ;-)

Many thanks!!!
Here you are:…tml

Anything else we can do for you ?

(lol, only joking of course Happy 2008)
I can't see it anywhere - the closest I can see is Deals of the Week - but no Amazon Deals - please post a screen dump!

And jungleninja only carries things like DVD, music and software
Very bottom of the page, scroll all the way down. It's under the heading "Tools".

Or just click this: Amazon Deals now at jungleninja
here ya go gsloman:thumbsup:

ok, im slow :oops:

Hey how did you add them arrows:w00t:

No matter i had a play, whoo-hoo i knows how to do it now
[QUOTE=sassie;1406015]here ya go gsloman:thumbsup:

You're getting quite the expert at this site now Sassie. :thumbsup:
I can see you becoming a mod within 6 months :w00t:

Happy 2008
My gawd i bet admin has just fell off his stool:giggle::giggle:
lol, probably.................

Good job we have a sense of humour ain't it !

lol, probably.................Good job we have a sense of humour ain't it … lol, probably.................Good job we have a sense of humour ain't it !

well to be honest i have been head hunted by admin

But it wasnt to offer me a job:w00t:
I see now!! I was looking at the Amazon site! Thanks
I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone come across it, this site appears to be one of the few that is still working:

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