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Found 1st Mar
So we have 4 kids kindles all bought over a period of 5mths.

When they were activated I chose the 1 year individual renewal. As they were due to renew I contacted amazon to put them in to the kids family kindle pack. Costs a lot less.. if you have prime and wanted 4 kindles in it.

They couldn’t as they needed them to all expire current licence then put them in at same time. So they gave me a few months free..

Each time one was due to expire renew the licence, it cleared the device and I had to redo the profile...

So again contacted amazon again they extended them to the last renewal. This went on for all 4 kindles.

Well that was 4mths ago and they still haven’t taken any payment, but devices working and content.

So the question really is anyone else the being charged for the kids kindle family pack?

I contacted them several times over all the failed renewals and agreed every time to the kids kindle family pack, yet they have failed to notify me in writing of the cost or taken any payment. So if they did come back to me would I have to pay the back amount?
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