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Looking into buying my mother one of these when the festive period is on us but I really wanna do my homework first as she is nowhere near a tech embracer!

Does it cost to d/load books etc - if so how much.

She doesn't have the net at home anymore so should I get the 3G version?

Does anyone actually have a Kindle, how easy are they to use and how's the readability on these things?

Any input would be great thank you.


Books can be free to about £15, however the most prices are around the £3-4 mark:…031

All books have to bought through the Amazon book store.

The 3g version would be a good idea but remember the prices of 3g data.

Don't have a Kindle but my Dad has been thinking of buying one.

There are other options than the Kindle, such as the Nook or Sony Ereader, but the Kindle is probably your best bet

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Thank you very much!

So do you reckon it'd be easier to d/load the books at my house - as I have net. Then pass it on. 'Cos this would be free right?

Oh also can you d/load to your laptop then transfer them or do they have to be d/loaded straight to the device?

Because of data charges, I may opt for the wifi one only.

Saves me £50 which I can then spend on books!!
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I thought the 3g one was with a free data plan?

That could be easier, as it sounds like your mum wouldn't know what to do as much as you would.

Yeah the connection would be free that way.

When buying a book you can use the 1-click system on Amazon and it can get delivered straight to the device if its on Wi-Fi, or you can download the Kindle file and transfer it to the device via USB:

If you are outside a 3G wireless coverage area and cannot connect to Wi-Fi, select Transfer via Computer from the Deliver to menu when buying. You can then download the Kindle Edition to your computer and transfer to your USB connected Kindle.


I thought the 3g one was with a free data plan?

Oh yeah you're right, my bad.

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So I could get the 3G one and download whatever I want with NO data charges?

That seems easier. It may even be Mother foolproof!!

Yes there are no extra download costs if you use 3G!!

I have a Kindle and a DX and I LOVE to read again now, they are super to read on, text size can be adjusted to many different sizes.

Many older books (bronte sisters charles dickens etc) are free. Newer books are as stated above £3-£15 each which is comparable to buying them paperback or hardcover without filling your house full of trees!!

On Ebay you will see from time to time pirated collections of books E.G 400 Stephen King PDF's for a 5ver or some such BUT they are often incomplete and seeing the books aren't pricey anyway why would you buy the likes of that.

I've seen covers for these with a light in - does that mean they don't have a backlight in - for reading in bed?

Surprised it has PDF support as that means people can download pirate books.


It intentionally doesn't have a backlight so as not to cause eye strain. I think it may also help with reading outdoors but I'm not really sure.
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I've seen covers for these with a light in - does that mean they don't … I've seen covers for these with a light in - does that mean they don't have a backlight in - for reading in bed?

Reading a lit screen in the dark for extended periods of time isn't recommended anyway. You can't read a normal book in the dark so I wouldn't worry about the lack of lighting on these.

Thank you for backlight info. I should get a reading light.

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Has anyone's thoughts changed on this as I need to buy it soon?

Deffo go for the kindle or do I get a sony?
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