Amazon locker repeatedly "out for delivery"

Ordered something to an Amazon locker. It's been "out for delivery" twice but not arrived. Anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if I should give up on using Amazon lockers and just get stuff delivered to work as usual.


do you have a doodle store or similar they are manned places so a great option.

Not had any problems yet, I prefer the lockers, perhaps the driver can't find it

yup much prefer it, never a problem, has it actually past your estimated delivery? if not i wouldn't worry yet. If it has then contact them, it might be simply a case of driver not having marked the package as delivered or something.


'case there's a problem just contact Amazon and they'll take care of it. If I ever order from Amazon, it comes through the mailbox and that's that.

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Ah well, just got a refund out the blue saying it was returned as "undelivered". As the item was a square glass filter I have a suspicion it was damaged in transit in one of those book boxes. Amazon has kindly offered to allow me to reorder the item. Problem being when I ordered it was £35 and now they've bumped the price up to £115.
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