Amazon Market Place Fees (are they for real!!)

    Thought I'd try and sell a few DVDS on Amazon as I'd been told they were better than ebay, sold a DVD boxset for £12:23 and have an email from Amazon saying I will be paid £9:31, is that for real, my maths isn't that good but seems like around 24% in fees...and I thought ebay was bad!


    Amazon can be more expensive than eBay, so you have to be careful, but it also has it's advantages, such as listing for free, not being limited to only having your item up for sale for a max of ten days at a time, having better payment protection, etc.

    When you go to sell an item though, you are told beforehand exactly how much you will get and what Amazon takes in fees (and why), so really, this shouldn't have come as any surprise. :thinking:

    The big thing to watch with Amazon is the postage fees that you will get. It is a set amount, so for example, you will get the same postage for a light book as you will for a thick heavy hardback. So you have to make sure beforehand that you will be making enough after you take out the actual cost of postage, to make it worth while. Having said that, these set postage rates can be used to your advantage, for example if you sell cheap to post items,.

    Amazon market place.. dont get me started


    All market places have there good and bad points by the sound of it.
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