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Just thought I would pass on an experience I have just had with an Amazon Marketplace trader.
I was looking for a Nikon D90 and found a used one with a lens listed at £490 which is about £300 under the list price. I tried to add it to my basket but it was refused because of my 'delivery address' was not allowed. I live in the UK and I never seen this before.
I checked with Amazon and the seller, the seller got back first and told he was having problems and if I was still interested he would process the order for me. I told him I was still interested but as the mail was bad grammar and came from googlemail I started to have doubts.
Amazon told me that they protected buyers as long as it was paid for using their process, so anyway I then received a mail that looked like it was from Amazon telling all about the T&Cs for using and instructing me to send the money using MoneyGram, I wrote back and told him that there was no way I was stupid enough to send cash via MoneyGram as it was outside of Amazon and I was not covered. He tried to advise me that Amzon would be holding the payment until I was happy so that just proved it was a scam.
This is all just to warn you that the scammers are well and working on Amazon as well as fleabay.... if you want any more details of the scammer let me know


Can't wait to see 419 the movie :lol:

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Can't wait to see 419 the movie :lol:

sorry mate you are gonna have to explain that one :?
If its because it has been reported before then I have never seen or heard of it before, I always took Amazon to be safe...

Take a look :


Oh and didn't you hear, today isn't safe for internet use (according to GMTV):lol:

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Take a look : and … Take a look : and didn't you hear, today isn't safe for internet use (according to GMTV):lol:

Well this was not quite the offer of millions of pounds in return of my bank details but someone using what seemed to be a reputable dealer id and email address to carry out his own scam.
Seen it loads of times on fleabay but caught out a bit to see it on Amazon.... :thumbsup:

Thats been happening on amazon for a while now, although I agree it does have its peaks.

Another scam is from buyers believe it or not. What they do is buy an inflated price item, say pay £400 for a SatNav it with their card, legitimately....then wait a couple of months hoping that you've thrown out the recorded/special delivery proof of postage, then they phone up their credit card company and say they never received the item. The credit card company get in touch with amazon, who then prompt you to either supply the proof of postage or have the money refunded from your account. Net effect, you lose a high value item AND the sale cost of it over and above any other cost to post. This scam has been attempted on me at least a couple of dozen times over the past 3 years and if I hadnt kept all my receipts for months on end then I'd be 1000's of pounds out of pocket.

Beware, its not always the seller thats the scammer. :thumbsup:
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