Amazon Marketplace deals allowed?

Are we allowed to post deals from Amazon Marketplace? Or is it only if the item is direct from Amazon?



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k, thanks


We have relaxed the rules slightly to bring Amazon marketplace listings it in line with the current ebay outlet traders which are allowed.

If it is an already approved HUKD merchant (eg the Hut, 7dayshop etc) listing items for sale on their Amazon marketplace store then they will be allowed. If there are any delivery charges these should be factored in to the deal price and members are advised to double check that the same item is not available cheaper direct from the merchants store front.

But to stress again it is only the larger pre approved retailers marketplace listings that would be allowed currently.


Mellow Yellow;8953581

No it's not allowed. Could be abused for self promotion.

why do you delete your threads and posts constantly brah?

(no stalk)

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