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Found 15th Aug 2008
I purchased a 'Wii Venom Light Blaster' from Amazon marketplace only its not a Venom light balster but a imitation one.

The seller has asked me to post back for a refund, Im just curious as to risks etc.. (although not much money!)
*Who should pay return postage
*When should the refund be made
*Should I return without either of the above being sorted.



You have to pay for return, its up to them if they want to refund you after.

Copied from Amazon -

How do I get a refund?

That depends on the reason for the refund:

* If you've received an item different to that described, or clearly in worse condition than indicated, you must contact the seller and let them know exactly what the problem is. cannot generate a refund for you--only your seller can do this (if you e-mail us to request a refund, we'll ask you to contact the seller). You must return the item directly to the seller--items returned to will be returned to you.
* If your seller refuses to give you a refund despite your attempts to resolve the issue amicably, you may be eligible for protection under the A-to-z Safe Buying Guarantee. You'll need to wait 30 days, but no longer than 90 days after the transaction if you want to submit a claim.
* If the seller doesn't reply to your e-mails, wait three working days, then e-mail us to let us know.


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You have to pay for return, its up to them if they want to refund you … You have to pay for return, its up to them if they want to refund you after.

This is the bit I'm not to sure about.
The item was incorrectly described in my opinon delibratley, therefore I should not be out of pocket for returning it to them, this is basically how they make their money as people think I might as well keep it rather than go to the expensse of posting it back :x

under the soga you can reject it and notify the seller of your rejection, that is all you are required to do other than make it available for collection, if they don't refund you can then sue them.
Law is all well and good, its persuing it that is the hard part

You have to pay postage to return to Amazon, they can then refund you - its all a bit uhh.

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Im not returning the item without having my postage refunded.

Just sent him a message explaining that under the sales of good act I only need to make the item avaliable for collection and that also as he has made a false representation knowing the listing was misreprentation to make a finacial gain that it is could be a offence under the 2006 Fraud Act.

Happy for the seller to collect (he is London so is collection) but dont see why I should be finacially out of pocket for his lies.

Note This isnt even about the cost its the principle!

how did they describe it? ive said things like please note does not include a manual or whatever, and people have turned round and said wheres the manual to which i say it says its not included in the blimmin description! Id say you having to pay postage is probs fair, otherwise they might just say well i will refund you minus postage costs which is same difference really....
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