Amazon marketplace item suddenly shot up in price

Posted 17th Dec 2022
I was looking at something last night on Amazon Marketplace, it was around £85. Today I decided to buy it but the price had shot up to around £100. it's definitely the same item as I googled the condition at the time ("acceptable") and remember the description.
Any idea why this has happened? I've never seen something on Marketplace go up in price like that before.
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    Amazon uses "dynamic pricing" meaning prices change any time depending on demand. Prices on Amazon can change from minute to the next.
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    more than likely it was a different seller selling the exact same item. I recently bought something for around 160 from amazon and i was lucky it was direct from the manufacture. I know it went stock out and i was shocked some spiv put on the same item for 299.
    technically, your device is alsp storing lots of info about you including your browsing habits. amazon and others employ dynamic pricing and artificial intelligence which basically says --- ah he/she has returned - must be desperate - lets charge more.
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    Are you new to online shopping or shopping in general? Prices of any item can fluctuate. unfortunately that's life
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    I'm surprised you are surprised by this
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    As above, price fluctuations happen all the time. Depends upon sales, competition, supply and demand etc.
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    I would suggest you take this to trading standards, this is simply unacceptable.
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    they getting ready for 'new year sale 50% OFF !!'
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    This has happened to me so many times. If you see a good price, it's usually better to order and then think about it and cancel if you don't want it
    Yes, I won't make that mistake again.
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    People seem to get very confused with Amazon vs third-party sellers (which can often be like ebay private sellers, unless they're a known company, like ebuyer).

    If it's the same seller and same item, it could be a "placeholder" where they're raising the price to a ridiculous amount until they get stock? ebayers often do this, but I'm not sure if you're allowed to on Amazon.

    It could even be a price glitch where someone has input the wrong amount (sometimes works to our advantage, not in this case).
    Looking at the Camelcamelcamel site it does seem to have been a pricing error.
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    Well maybe I'm surprised that you're surprised that I'm surprised.
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    cut a stick when you see it!
    Before or after I cut the cheese?
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    Sellers set their own prices on Amazon Marketplace and can change it at any time. Seller could wake up one day and decide to hike prices just because they feel like it, asking for a reason without knowing the product or the seller is not going to give much of an answer.
    You're right, probably overthinking it (talking about me, not the OP). It could just be as simple as the seller deciding to up the price (it wasn't an airfryer, was it )!
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    A 15% price increase is nothing when it comes to Amazon. As with some of the other people passing comment, my only surprise is that you're surprised.
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    If lots of people click on the items or start buying it they will up the prices, I’ve seen it before I kept refreshing the page and see the items go up by a bit every time I refreshed 😁
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