Amazon marketplace seller protection ?

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Found 6th May 2011
what protection does Amazon offer if you buy something from a marketplace seller ( an order that isn't fulfilled by Amazon or a registered company ) and it turns out that the item is never received , or when it is received is damaged.

There is a newly registered seller offering things at a big discount.

Now i don't know if this is to gain rep quickly or malicious intent

Any suggestions?.


Hmmm why do I have a feeling that this is the exact same seller alot of people have been talking about recently. Mind if i ask his name?

Amazon says btw: Does Amazon.co.uk offer any guarantee on items bought from third-party sellers?

We want you to buy with confidence any time you purchase products on the Amazon.co.uk website. That is why we guarantee purchases from third-party sellers when payment is made via the Amazon.co.uk website. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under Amazon's A-to-z Safe Buying Guarantee.
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its errm...farmer22

and i'm glad amazon "says" that but have you had experience with their complaints department ?
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the AtoZ programme is just like a Paypal dispute but is fair to both parties and will not just give in to the buyer's complaint without hearing both sides of the story properly. If the buyer has been stung or received something short of what has been advertised then Amazon will definitely help. Same goes for a seller if a buyer is trying it on they will help again.

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does the 3rd party seller get your credit card details or do they just get the funds?

nvm i was being lazy.

*Amazon never passes on your credit/debit card information. We keep all customer credit/debit card information strictly confidential on our secure server.
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the item i was looking at is


but it seems too good to be true ?
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Their Description : Its smart

My thoughts : It's dodgy

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Their Description : Its smartMy thoughts : It's dodgy


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