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Found 20th May 2009
If you have an Amazon MC you might be aware that it will become a bog standard Halifax one in a few weeks. I only used mine to collect points for Amazon Vouchers and so have been on the hunt for a new one. I got a email today advertising the Visa Card (MBNA) which offers 1 point per pound spent anywhere (2 points at This is even better than the 0.5 point per pound given by Amazon!
Also spend £150 in the first three months and get a £15 voucher straight away.
The offer is linked off the home page (small banner at the top).


nice...! why dont you post it as a deal?

anyway, i wonder if anyone who already has an MBNA group CC would be able to do this?

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I already have a MBNA Virgin Card, and I seemed to get through the app process successfully. They even told me how much credit limit was. (However on the app page where it asks what cards you have I wrote Virgin, as technically this is the name of the card lol). I think they do a credit check there and then though, as the webpage told me to wait for a few seconds while it decided.

OK.. thanks.. i might give it a try

the 1.5% balance transfer fee is also interesting

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nuabdi if you take a look at the deal here you'll understand why I didn't want to post it as a deal myself!:…nd/

Only just saw this thread! It is getting a bit cold in there
I personally think the rewards = good and free money, oh well!

Have a look at the coop-cash back credit card. You get 0.5% cashback and 1% cashback for coop purchases.. They also advertise all the eco-respect stuff as well!!

6 months puchases and 6 months BT 0%!!

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