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Do Amazon ever honour misprices? I ordered a DVD box set last year and it was cancelled after having it on preorder for two weeks as it was out of stock. I wonder if anyone here has a story where they preordered something and it arrived? I have seen a DVD box set that will be instock within 4 weeks (so it says on the Amazon site), but Im not sure whether to post it here if its a waste of time because some people say Amazon never honour misprices why bother posting it?


I think,though I'm not sure,that sometimes misprices do go through.Not everyone may get lucky but some might.

If my memory serves me correctly(and it often doesn't!:oops:) there was a misprice of the Friends boxset for around £40 earlier in the year and whilst many did get cancelled some did receive their order.

Guess it's the chance you take,I always think it's worth a punt on the understanding that you shouldn't build your hopes up too much and treat it as 'you win some,you lose some'.:)

If a mispriced item is in stock they will send them out until they discover their mistake. Pre-orders however are a different story and they are likely to spot these errors and not honour them.

However I still think you should post the misprice but say that its uncertain whether it will be supplied and let the indviduals themselves decide whether its "worth a punt"....

Thats my opinion anyway...

Why not order it? If you get it, then post it on here :-D

I hope they do I've had GTA4 Limited Edition on pre-order for about 6 months @£39.99 before they upped it to around £70. If not i'll forsake it for the normal version.

Ive had a few misprices honoured, they were all in stock tho
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