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Posted 15th Mar
How long has amazon been doing monthly payments for?

logged onto an amazon account i havnt used in a while and i had option to purchase items on pay monthly. My main amazon account i dont have that option.
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Had it available on mine for over a year. Have used it for Echo Dots, Fire tablets etc.
Years! Only certain items though. I purchased a camera lens via monthly payments and it’s great, no credit checks and amazon just bill you on your purchase date each month until it’s paid off. I could have purchased the lens right out but it was handy to use the monthly payments.
I had this on my main account but I can no longer login as I need to verify via email which I no longer have access to
Pretty useful. I bought a ring camera last year over 5 months and wife bought phone over a couple of months all with 0% interest.
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Not sure how long they've had it but your account must have been active for at least a year with no problems with payments.
I have bought a couple of items on there (a camera and a smartwatch) so it's handy if you don't want to hand over a large amount of money in one go.
Weirdly, my Mrs account is active with monthly payments too but often has different items available for it :/
it says its active on my account too but ive never seen a monthly payment option when buying things how do i find it?

EDIT: it was staring right at me thanks anyway
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