Amazon mp3 Benefit balance?

Found 22nd May
Lost track of your Amazon mp3 Benefit balance?
Lost track of your Amazon emails?
Google/Amazon directs you to make a purchase & see if it covers it

Go to your account
Your Account
Message Centre

I found all of my "Benefit Confirmation for your Order" messages in date in order under Other Messages
Making it easy to check your mp3 balance & expiry date.
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Personally I go to purchase a digital video on amazon but before buying it there is a link for More Purchase Options. That usually tells me how much digital credit I have. It's labelled as Prime Video but that credit can be used for any digital purchase such as music, kindle, video etc. I guess it just says Prime Video as I'm checking it in the video section.

Edited by: "sparx1981" 22nd May
um... how does looking at a list of promotional balances actually help with the balance? you'd have to work it out yourself so can just look in own emails etc if wanted the hassle
what sparx says is the easy way
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