Amazon Music HD Single Device Sign-Up Questions.

Posted 31st Oct 2020
Hi All, I am presently subscribed to Amazon Music HD which is due to expire tomorrow on the 1st November 2020. I would like to stay subscribed to Amazon Music HD but do not want to pay £12.99 a month as it states considering I am already paying £79 a year for Prime.

However in the settings section it shows a section that reads, Single Device Sign-Up from Echo Device Etc £3.99 a month, which is presently grayed-out at the moment and apparently I need to ask Alexa to downgrade my account and this option should appear, but I have a few questions.

Does anyone know if I need to delete the Amazon Music App from my phone to make this OPTION appear?

If it does become available will this subscribe me to Amazon Music HD or just Amazon Music Unlimited for £3.99 a month.

Is anyone aware if you can buy Amazon Music HD vouchers like you can buy TIDAL vouchers on eBay...

When my account expires tomorrow will the artists I am following still remain in Amazon Music or do I need to take a snapshot of who I am following.

I am impressed with Amazon Music HD, but the ONLY DRAWBACK, I do not like about Amazon Music HD is the fact you get constant notifications when the artists you are following publish new songs or albums, these can be triggered at anytime and despite my best efforts to try and disable these notifications from Alexa Echo, there does not seem to be an option to do so... and this can be annoying as they wake you up sometimes early hours in the morning, at one point I got so fed-up I started unplugging my Echo Dot at night time before bed.

I have also tried TIDAL I am also highly impressed with TIDAL to, what is the BEST WAY to enjoy TIDAL at the BEST RATE... and if I was to buy vouchers on eBay for TIDAL does this mean they are SHARED Accounts or can you use you own TIDAL account and simply apply a voucher code?

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