Amazon new market place seller pricing ridiculously cheap? Genuine or not?

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I have started to see unusual activity on Amazon as of recent. There are new market place sellers popping up offering products below the standard price. I would check their other products and notice they are all priced similarly, which makes me to believe it was by error.

Is it worth still placing an order and taking a punt? Or is this not genuine...

Example: Noticed jeans selling for £50-60 priced £8, across several ranges of the same brand.

I recently bought a shoe rack for £10, that is normally sold for £30. It is marked as shipped. Suspicious as they've now pulled all their products off their page... Gonna wait it out before filing a complaint.

I contacted Amazon and they said I’ll be protected against the Amazon A to Z guarantee and not to worry, and will be refunded if I don’t receive.

What y’all think? Anyone with any experience of this
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It's been going on for a while unfortunately
I had a similar thing happen, item marked as shipped but never received, then the seller disappeared.
I got a refund and will avoid similar 'just launched' sellers in future.
I bought from one of those sellers once. I ordered (cheap!) then noticed that the seller was new with hundreds of products marketed at the same price.

The product was showing as dispatched but never arrived. Amazon refunded it. But not worth the hassle/waste of time.

There are more and more of those just launched sellers. I wish there was an easy way to report them.
In the past on, and Amazon many sellers would list CDs/DVDs really cheap and zoverstocks/musicMagpie would price beat by a penny. Presumably the seller would then buy the rivals listing and delete their own listing,
i used to buy both items just in case, and found the dubious seller would cancel the some right old house techno CDs and rare DVD films really cheap
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