Amazon - not yet dispatched??

Posted 24th Jan 2015
My son purchased a Unicorn dartboard from Amazon for £30 on Jan 14 with his Christmas money. Straight away we were told that "We've received your order but we haven't started preparing it for dispatch yet. The amount of time your order spends in this status can vary based on the availability of the item/s and the selected delivery option". We assumed that as soon as they had restocked we would have one sent out to us but it is back in stock and our status hasn't changed. As they have now increased the price to £56.32 we are worried we will never receive it even though we have paid for it. Anyone know how Amazon works?
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You could drop their customer services team a line to ask if they can tell you how much longer it will be.
You will only pay the price you ordered it at though
It can sometimes take a while but 10 days when it is back in stock seems excessive, log into Amazon and start a text chat with them letting them know what's happened, they will look into it there and then and sort it, ignore the price changes that is essentially how Amazon works you only pay the price at the time you ordered it.
Thank you chuckiedoll. Do you know where I find the customer service team contact email as I can't seem to locate it?
It's reassuring to know if the dartboard does appear they won't charge my son more.
You haven't yet paid for it. Amazon will only take funds when they despatch. Sometimes I wait months for an item to come back in stock. The increased price you see is probably a trader who sells on
Thanks redflash - I've found the chat and am onto them now.......
I've been told that it's 3rd parties who currently have it for sale (spot on barneybar) and Amazon are still oos so it looks like my son will have to wait a little longer (hopefully not too long!!). ps he paid with amazon vouchers so we presumed they have payment.
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