Amazon now sell groceries!

Find everything you need to stock your kitchen cupboards. You'll find fresh food like fruit and vegetables and meat & poultry. We also have an extensive range of dried goods including cereals, pasta and biscuits, snacks & crisps and baking supplies. Also, browse our range of alcohol and beverages, including beer, wine, tea and coffee.


no way!

i dont do any food shopping so no idea if its cheap...


12 pack of monster munch £12,12 HAHAHA

Wheres the bargain please?

I had a look at this earlier today and the range is limited, half is sent from a 3rd party with an individual shipping charge and the delivery is not timetabled. Imagine you groceries sent back to the depot and spending days waiting for you to collect it.

Not a great idea.

Now if they were to stock peanut butter M & M's though......

Shame most isn't sold by amazon though, so attracts delivery charges

Whole Earth Organic Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 420g
£2.07 + £3.26 shipping

Nice will have a dozen at just £5.33 a tin :-)

Yeah, seems pretty expensive to me, especially alcohol. I guess this is good if you don't have an asda, tesco or sainsburys nearby that will deliver...

Hmmm... okay, I can tell you for one thing that the sweets are all really expensive!

surahman it all!

It's even funnier that the most expensive option is £25.61 - just goes to show why if you're look for office supplies, never buy from an office supplier!!

I used the site (for the States) about 6 years ago at Christmas time, to have a large ham joint delivered internally to family within the States - whilst ordering from the UK. It was a bit weird ordering food on Amazon, but I think it's a service that would probably be more suited to food/drink that are more of a luxury rather than everyday stuff.

So that's why they're expensive:…1-3

They're an enhanced version made by Simon & Garfunkel !!

U think they should offer US sweets and drinks etc. Undercut some if the other, ridiculously overpriced, sites, Robert's your father's brother
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