Amazon order history not showing on account?

Posted 3rd May 2016
I just tried to check my past/existing orders on Amazon and got an error message saying: "There's a problem displaying some of your orders right now If you don't see the order you're looking for, try refreshing this page, or click "View order details" for that order."

Is anyone else having this issue?
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No. I would go to amazons website and get on web chat with one of the team to sort it.
Just relogged in to my account and only orders showing are apps orders. Does say right at the top in bold that theres a problem showing my orders
There is a filter option on orders. I'm guessing you selected a filter by accident that's taken off screen your recent orders. You need to fix this by selecting... all. Don't have my pc to hand but from memory select.. orders... then top right of screen you will see... filter options or filter orders? Can't remember exactly .... Or something like that. Also works in tablet and smartphone apps as they to have the filter option

reply from amazon team

have checked with our tech team and it has been reported that there is a … have checked with our tech team and it has been reported that there is a crash on the order history pages on the website for both customers and for us on our systems as well when looking into accounts.

You may have switched department to. Again you need to be in...all departments.... If your viewing the apps department you only see orders for apps. If your in the book department you only see you book orders. On a phone or tablet click the 3 lines top of screen... Folks call this the burger symbol.... No idea how you change department on a pc without looking..
Happened to me this morning, it's fixed now, one of their web services must have been down or some database issue.
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I check mine about half an hour ago, was fine
yes it seems fine now thanks for all your comments
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