Amazon order question

I found some cheap electrical parts on amazon.
I´m not sure to order because its a very small price ,will i get it or will I maybe pay more for p&p ?
Has anybody experiences in buying from amazon uk ?
I read sometimes they send 2 very cheap items(1pound items) in one box but take 2 times p&p.

Bye and thanks for helping!:)


They will tell you the costs either with the items or at checkout .
If it is from amazon and not one of the re sellers you should get FREE P&P if over £15
[COLOR=red]This only applies to orders direct from amazon.co[/COLOR]

It takes P&P twice if yo are ordering for a market place seller; they sell thing for a few pence and then charge about £4.50 P&P.

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Thanks,thats what i thought too.

How can I find items only from Amazon direct? Or are they all reseller(they are Ebay sellers too aren´t they?)
What is a good rating for a ebayer must be over 99% or what do you think.
I´m not into this paypal/ ebay stuff.

It can be next to impossible to find an item from Amazon themselves at times, especially within the electronics dept.

What the solution is, I don't know; I've not yet found one :-(

Cheers, Dio

Don't write things off because they cost 1p but have £4.50 postage on top. The sellers don't have a choice on the postage that they set, but you can get some good deals. I got an iPod sync lead and its fine. Also have a look at what happens if you buy more then one item. Sometimes there is very little increase in postage and sometimes they double the postage. For the former it might be worth buying more and selling them on.
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