Found 15th Dec 2006
When a order goes from…gif


But is not marked for dispatch does it mean its being picked?

I have another order with…gif marked as dispatched but for a few hours beforehand I couldn;t change the order.

The 2 items not dispatched but with…gif marked for 23rd - 28th delivery seems to have happened in the last hour or so, 1 is idog with hellmans code, other is icat with hellmans code £6.24 each :thumbsup: what i'm wondering is if in other peoples experience if i'll get it in time for xmas as I wasn't expecting them to...


View Oder is ready for despatch normally

Ah in time for Christmas hmm... Not sure, but I am sure Amazon will try to fulfil any before Christmas :santa: Their customer service and sales have always been very reliable here, even on stated delivery dates that "go over" the first date [as 23rd above].


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Well, had to looked a bit bloody closer i would of seen "Items dispatching soon:" i should stop being so :lazy:

Just a shame one of them says 27-29th December... :thinking:

I dont even know whats going on with my amazon orders?!
One order was despatched on the 14th, supposed to be delivered 20th-22nd of decemeber, now when i log on, it says it wont be delivered until AFTER the xmas.

I think if there not here soon, amazon will be getting an angry phone call....

I wonder if the flood of Hellman's orders is screwing Amazon up a bit? Finding dispatch to be pretty slow from Amazon at the moment, perhaps expected given the time of year - I ordered an Archos DVR station, would be nice for it to arrive in time for Christmas but it's showing a dispatch of 20-22nd December, 5-7 days after the order.


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You might be right Johnmcl7.
All my books have been dispatched, quite speedly after ordering I might add.
That £5 1gb SD card is about to be shipped I believe.

My £6 idog and icat are still sitting there saying dispatching soon, but also saying arriving after December 25th which is kind of annoying.

Amazon obviously saw how popular hellmans offers were cos they changed it to give a discount but doing Dec. 19th deadline for delivery by xmas then saying nearly 2 weeks isn't enough for free delivery on certain items takes the mickey a bit.
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