Amazon Posting Bug - Get your items by first class for free!


    This bug on allows you purchase something with free Super Saver delivery and get it delivered within the time frame of first class delivery.

    Firstly, you place the order with Super Saver delivery and after the order has been placed, you then go onto the status of your order and change the delivery option to First Class. This should change your dispatch date and delivery date to about 5 days earlier than it was with Super Saver delivery. You then change the delivery option back to Super Saver and guess what the estimated dispatch and delivery dates stay the same and you still get the postage free.

    This has worked for me a number of times and the latest one was a week ago when I purchased the ipod intempo speakers found through HUKD. I orignially ordered the speakers on the 1st March and the dispatch estimate was 5-6th of March and delivery estimate the 10th of March. I then did the process described above and the dispatch estimate changed to the 2nd of March and the delviery to the 4th and stayed that way when I changed the postage back to Super Saver. I then received the speakers on the 3rd of March, two days after ordering, when the original estimate was 8 days. Hopefully others can try this and verify that it always works.

    Good Luck



    if it does work its a pretty fundamental flaw in their system !!

    Although there are others which involve adding a small value item to something over £15 (for free delivery.) If this item is says 4-6 weeks leadtime, amazon sometimes despatches item as soon as they are available..

    Not sure if its still on the system though?

    This seemed to work for ordering my ipod video. Karma given, went through the Nectar site as well.

    Instead of dispatch on 15/03 its changed to 12/03, first class delivery for the super saver price.

    Original Poster

    Glad to see it worked for you!!!

    Just tried and it didn't work for me

    Generally Amazon will deliver a free delivery order sooner than the date specified anyway. It depends more on whether an item is in stock or not. I haven't had to wait longer then 3 working days for an in stock item.

    By the way, if your order totals £14.96p it'll still qualify for free delivery.

    Interested in this as bought a Talex speed detector this morning, think i got the last in stock as is now showing delivery of 1/2 weeks [was 24 hrs when i ordered].

    Really need it for Friday and a drive from Leeds to London, but the free delivery is sayin despatch Friday. Am sure i've had free delivery on books and they were 3 days tops.

    Will try the delivery change see if we get anywhere, if not i may have to cancel and pay more to a company that does next day!

    I've tried it - let you know if it works ;-)

    Well the online status reckons it's bein prepped for delivery - fingers crossed this is gonna wor! - Top tip if it does

    Mine has changed from

    Delivery estimate: 15 May 2006 - 17 May 2006


    Delivery estimate: 11 May 2006

    Very impressed even if the scruples are kicking in :oops:

    Exactly the same as mine - so am hoping it gets dispatched today for tomoz!!!

    Do they email when dispatched? - am sick of going into the site every 15 mins to check if gone or not :oops: :shock:

    Do they email when dispatched?

    Thus far they have done - still waiting for this confirmation though.

    Something tells me this won't work! It's still coming up as

    Delivery #1: 1 item - delivery estimate: 11 May 2006

    and that's only 1 hour 45 minutes away - somehow I doubt it will be delivered then! Still, I'm open to being surprised ;-)

    Same here mate - aint gonna happen! - am well gutted.

    Just called them, he reckons its being shipped today. Which means i will have to drive into work to pick up before i head off on my trip. Vowed not to use Amazon again after the mess up with PSP games an no availability on release!

    They are good as long as you don't need anything quick.

    Just been dispatched so should have it tomorrow - 3 days earlier than the original delivery estimate. Happy enough to have it before the weekend - it's just a new SD card for my O2 XDA exec so I'll be able to add a few bits and pieces to it over the weekend.

    Just got email - shipped too!

    Just hope Royal Mail get it up to Leeds by the morning!

    Thanks for the tip! [karma added]

    Delivered this morning about 8am - good service and good tip

    Karma given as thanks!

    doesnt seem to work any more. Ordered my item, went back to change delivery options but cant (???)

    Am I doing something wrong ??

    They've probably picked up on it. Anyway, as I've mentioned before. If the item is in-stock showing 24hr destpatch and you choose free delivery, it usually arrives in three working days in my experience.

    just to confirm, this has DEFINATELY stopped working now.

    Was good while it lasted though

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