Amazon pre-order deliverys?

Quick question, ive never pre-ordered anything from Amazon before and was wondering if they deliver on the day the item is released? Im going to pre-order a game from there and its due out on the 27th, so can i expect to see it pop through my letterbox on that day?

Im going pay first class btw

thx for any info!


I last thing I pre-ordered from Amazon arrived the day before it was due for release, although it was only a book not a game.

I have pre-ordered a couple of things (2 x DVD boxsets) and they have arrived the day of release. However my friend pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book and it did not come until the day after, but I understand that was because of the amount of books they had to send.

I have received things the day before release as well. a good system

I pre-ordered GTA4 using free super saver delivery and got it on the day of release but my friend who also pre-ordered from amazon months before I did went for first class delivery to make sure and he got it a day after me! I'm guessing that wont happen very often, probably just because of the demand.

I'd stick to free delivery though, I've always got my pre-orders on time doing that, dont think it will make much difference :thumbsup:

Hi, I ordered a PS2 game pre release and it arrived a week before the release date! Was over a year ago now but was a nice surprise. Probably a one off though.........

I'v always had thing arrive on or before release, though admittedly I am a prime customer so everything is sent via special delivery, dhl, parcelforce or home delivery network.

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Thx for the help!

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One more thing, do Amazon take the cash out straight away or when the game is released? I can't check yet and i can't ask the missus as she doesn't know ive pre-ordered it so i can't look on Natwest online banking.

Aye im naughty ;P

I think they don't charge you until they are to send it out
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