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Posted 20th Dec 2018
I've found this useful today, so thought it maybe worth reminding everyone just incase you find it useful. Especially at this time of year when a lot of people are using amazon!

Amazon has a price drop policy. If they lower the price on something you've purchased within the past 30 days, they'll issue a credit (although you have to ask for it).

If you want to check if any of your purchases are eligible for a refund, just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit Your Account and look at all invoices from the past thirty days.

2. Click on the item names to pull up the current item description/price and compare to the price that you paid.

3. If you paid more than the current price, copy down the order number and go to the Return and Refunds Contact Form page.

4. Select Refund Inquiry as your subject, and check off the order(s) of interest. If you dont see the order in question listed, enter the order number in the Other field.

5. State in the comments that the price dropped, and that you want to be credited for the difference.

And if all this fails. Just go to online chat and tell them. They'll have a look and refund the difference.

Respect where respect is due. I personally cannot fault their customer service for whenever I've needed it. Which is more than what I can say for some other companies!
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