Posted 19 November 2023

Amazon price drop. Refund.

Do Amazon not offer this anymore? Been ages since I tried but had no luck with CS. Xmas gift I bought has dropped by £20. Asked CS to refund it but they said I'd have to return and reorder, which seems a waste of everyone's time. Am I unlucky or is this the norm? I can return and reorder as it's an unopened gift just seems daft
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  1. bobdylan's avatar
    It's been this way for at least a couple of years now
  2. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Unless it was ordered during black Friday promo price reduction , that's how it's been now for years. (edited)
    Paddy_o_furniture's avatar
    Don't think it was. It's been reduced for black Friday now. But not previously.
  3. bigwheels's avatar
    In the past they would refund the difference, they wanted return postage costs next.
    Lucky for me package was damaged 😜 so postage was free.
    A couple of times recently I’ve stopped the order before shipping as price dropped.
    Then reordered
  4. Ferris's avatar
    I remember having to fight for a price drop refund as they'd only recently changed the policy back in 2009, so I think you may have **just** missed out...
    Paddy_o_furniture's avatar
    2009? It wasn't that long ago, was it?
  5. tardytortoise's avatar
    Prices go up. Prices go down. If you monitor the prices after you have bought something, what are you expecting from such monitoring? How many times have you given retailers the difference when prices go up?
    You have been a little unlucky - a victim perhaps of the materialistic consumer world we all live in.
    Paddy_o_furniture's avatar
    I don't normally, but I clicked on my purchase to see if it was compatible with another device and seen the price drop.

    I've just reordered at the cheaper price and send the original price.
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