Amazon Price Promise Tip

Knowing that Amazon will refund me if their price drops within 30 days of buying something, what I do is having ordered something, I place a duplicate in my basket, and 'save it for later'.

Each time you go into your basket it'll tell you at the top if any of the items you have bought have gone down in price.

Sorry if has been posted before.


Nice idea! Thanks

I thought Amazon had stopped the price promise thingy?



I thought Amazon had stopped the price promise thingy?

they have

they have acording to them (i called them and asked a week or so ago)

They have. Think what the OP poster is getting at, is if you add a item to your basket, but don't buy it... if next time you visit amazon and it's reduced, it will tell you and update the price. It also does this if this price goes UP. Pretty obvious tip to me, but maybe not for others.


no the op is referring to the price drop, he orders an item and then adds another to basket, to show if the price drops, this no longer happens and why i expired it, but i see its been unexpired


Expired as Amazon Price Promise is no more....sadly.

The timing of the removal of their price drop was really annoying as an mp3 player I bought dropped 20 pounds unexpectedly three weeks after I bought it

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