Found 20th Nov 2009
Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have a question about amazon, I ordered a pair of boots on the 15th Nov for £78 and I have worn these but I was just looking on the site and they have been reduced to £60.

Is there anyway to get the difference back? I read something about it before but cant find it now



i think that only applies to pre orders

send them an email, and say how disappointed you are with there customer service as you didnt warn you that the price was about to change. I did this for a netbook which was reduced by a tenner so they refunded my

The Bad News: The 'post-order' price promise is dropped.

The company's also done away with its post-order price promise, whereby customers could claim back the difference if an item dropped in price within 30 days of their buying it.

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arrrrghhhhhhh thanks everyone (i am so ****** off) this kind of thing is typical when im buying something lol :roll:

Email customer services anyway, tell them you are gutted that the price has dropped, bluff it and say that you haven't worn them yet.
Explain that it would be crazy for you to have to return them for a refund and re-purchase at the current lower price and ask if they can simply refund the difference.. I'm sure they will see the logic and give you your refund

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YAYYYYYYYY i emailed and got a reply already... they WILL make an exeption and refund the £18 im happy now thanks
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