Amazon prices - up and down on a daily basis

I have been looking on Amazon over the last few weeks for a camera for my wife.

Last week they had the camera for about £140 (4 colours and the price varied slightly by color)

Yesterday I looked and all 4 cameras were priced at £114.99, so I bought one from Amazon and it was delivered today.

I have just gone back to the Amazon web site today to check the prices and while two of them are still at £114.99 one has gone up to £125.99, and another has gone up to £139.40.

So if you are looking for a product on Amazon it pays to look on a daily basis as you may find a good price which may be gone the next day.



Pound vs Euro

It can be annoying, I was looking for an Ipod dock for my sister and a photo frame for my Mum - found potential ones so stuck them in my basket to remember them and went to do some research. Came back next day to find both had gone up a tenner, checked a few days later hoping they'd come back down to find the photo frame was up another tenner

They only seem to come down in price after I've bought them...


You can still buy them and then if they are reduced you can buy again and return the original ones. I have done this a few times you have until 10th January to return anything bought after 1st November - they have never charged me postage for returning anything.

Likely they automatically adjust prices to put a fixed percentage margin on the wholesale cost. With stock turnover so high this time of year they will be getting stock from numerous sources at various different prices per unit.
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