Amazon Prime (1 Day delivery ) - Anyone use it???

Anyone use Prime ?? What you think?

Any good?



i used it for a sunday delivery on an £80 present when it first started, well worth it. It used to be in only certain areas though.

I use it but I buy from amazon alot - and it tends to be low value sporadic purchases (eg they sometimes have academic journals for pennies that are clearly there just so they can claim a wider variety of items) however it is unreliable even when the get it next day guarunteed bit is on screen - been about 62% next business day for me. Some stuff is sent cia Home Delivery Network, some Parcelforce, some Citilink, some special delivery and even some basic royal mail (though god knows how they imagine that will ever get to someone the next day!).
All in all £49 is alot if you don't use amazon much - you'll need to be using it on virtually a weekly basis to make up your outlay, but if you like recieving disposable razors (29p) via special delivery just for the fun of it (and the reusable packaging) then by all means give it a go.

I run a small business and we buy a lot of I.T. related products from Amazon including books, course materials, computers etc. also as a family we use Amazon extensively.

We use Amazon prime and it works great for all the items we purchase from Amazon - it doesnt work if we buy from other Companies / Indviduals because Prime is for Amazon products and services only..

I would recommend Prime if you do like me / us use Amazon extensively if not then it is a cost over benefit situation..........


I ordered some vax shampoo last week on Thursday for next day delivery.I waited in on Friday and then Saturday but nothing came.Went onto their tracking site which told me that a delivery had been attempted when it clearly had not been.I had to collect from the PO on Tuesday which rather makes a mockery of the next day delivery thing.They still use the same rubbish delivery service.:x
But having said that,everything else I have ordered has arrived the next day but I do order a lot from them.
If you buy lots of stuff from them it is probably worth it,just don't rely on it for something important................

Took it out just before Christmas, and am now using it a lot more than I expected (good and bad I guess). For me, the big advantage is that I can pick up the heavily reduced odds and ends that are less than £15 and still get free delivery- without having to factor in any delivery charges, or search around for fillers that I don't really want, if there's a good deal I can just go for it.
Out of 17 orders so far, only one wasn't delivered next day, although judging from some other negative comments I may have an address with a particularly straightforward supply route from the Amazon warehouses......
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