Amazon Prime £2 Discount on Games. Should they be posted as deals?

Just while looking at the site today I noticed a handful of deals which are promoting the £2 discount on new release/pre-order on games. This got me thinking as to whether these should be deals or not, since after all they are exclusive for prime members only (which most of the time costs money).

In my opinion is already bad enough when a website such as Tesco has a discount code and there is a huge influx of deals, but with the Prime offer it can be for every single game all year round. It would get old fast.

My suggestion is this, deals should not be allowed to post the Prime discount price as the main (bold) price. They can mention it in title and description but that is about it.


PS: sorry is someone has already brought this up.


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To share an example (sorry OP)…941

This is being advertised for the Prime price only, in my opinion that is misleading.

you can always sign up for 30 day trial.

same can be said for CD Keys games with the 5% facebook like discount code.
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