Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial Loophole

Found 6th Apr
Has Amazon put a stop to the free prime trial using multiple emails?
I have been using prime trials for the past year and just tried again with a new email, but once entered bank card it states im no longer eligible
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Considering you have been using it for the past year you are lucky they havent asked you for money.
They've gone all weird with mine and have asked for a bank statement to clarify that I am real, haha. Let you know if they are being arses when I make a new one.
Wouldn't surprise me, been going on a long time.

I have several accounts and usually just cycle through them when I want prime, haven't actually made a new account in a few years.

Will test when I can be bothered.
Always did this until I became a student via hotdeals amd got Prime for 18 months for £36
I'm surprised they let it go on for so long - it's so easy to change the checks for duplicates from email addresses to payment methods. Maybe get a prepaid card to register on, spend your credit on that card (not in Amazon) then cancel. Rinse and repeat. Don't know if its possible or viable though.
Be careful having been stung months later for prime even after cancelling and removing bank details!!! they have hit my account and got the money, then the whole prove you cancelled it and do you have a screen shot debate ensues. Got a refund once but lost on another. read the small print they can charge cards no longer associated with this account !! seriously peed off as it sent me overdrawn !
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