Posted 23rd Jan 2023 (Posted 22 h, 26 m ago)
Has anyone had issues with their Amazon prime. Lots of my parcels not arriving on time. No allowance made to membership anymore. Is this true or were they telling me lies?
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    No recent recurring Prime delivery issues, but did have two late deliveries to Hub Counters in late (sic) 2022:
    one due to the Amazon hub counter was unexpectedly closed so Amazon's driver couldn't physically drop off package;
    one where the pickup notification was sent an hour after the HC closed(!).

    Both occasions Amazon chat volunteered full refund + keep item after collection.
    Each order was for a single item under £10 & FBA, not SBA.
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    I've had loads of problems with them. Ordering for next day by 1pm delivery. Then later the tracking page goes to 2 or 3 days later. This has happened several times.
    Also got an 'unable to deliver' answer when I went on chat to find out where our parcel was. It went on the same hub twice, then was sent out to another hub, them back to the local hub and then he couldn't find us. 2 days late.
    It's very hit and miss delivery wise. The customer service answer is simply 'do you want it or not?'
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    No problems here.
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    Yeah been ok in Leeds
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    All good here, same day or next day usual. (edited)
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    Been alright, always delivered within the time frame.
    I received a parcel 10 mins back, which I ordered last night.

    They have been strict off late, no more free months or account credits, which makes sense too.
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    No issues here. Great over Xmas too.
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    No issues at all
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    no problems here.
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    Guessing just me! I sort of object to pay for prime when they specify a date for delivery and it doesn’t arrive then. Especially as I pay the full amount for prime. Sadly no students in our house!
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    Mines been fine (Also full price here, although not sure what difference that makes) (edited)
    Just that it’s a lot of money for the service not being provided. I think it it had been less I wouldn’t be so miffed. In the past I wouldn’t have been so bothered.
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    I had loads of issues but specific to my building I think. Ridiculously they don’t prioritise postcodes when looking up addresses so anything ordered here ends up on a road with the same name on the other side of London. Given up trying to get them to fix it and next to no offers of refunds etc
    I really hate the standard…we are sorry…nonsense…we will feedback…won’t happen again…we promise…they should just say the truth…we don’t care, if you want it, pay for it and if you get it, be grateful! I guess it’s our own fault for allowing them to corner the market.

    At least I know I am not alone! So thanks.
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    A lot depends on the warehouse that is used and which service provider is delivering. Amazon's own delivery is excellent in my experience, so is DPD, Royal Mail and Yodel. Best not talk about Evri.
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    I think we had maybe half a dozen late parcels during December, but we've also had deliveries after 10pm which is a pretty raw deal for the delivery guys. I feel sorry for some of them because they make the delivery service look good.
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    Ordered item last night 20.26, arrived 9.27 this morning.
    That just shows how bad it's got. (edited)
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    No problem in preston
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    No problems in West Mids, however i have changed my delivery day to one specific day as i know im always in. Also stopped paying for Prime!
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