Found 19th Jan 2010
Have just gone on 2 my banking and see a payment to amazon prime for £49.00.
when i never bought anything from them. Do i contact Amazon or the bank?

Anyone else had any bother with this ?
I bought a game last month from amazon which was £20 but that payment came of when i bought it last month


lulz i guess u went for their trial which you are ment to cancel so you dont get charged

i havent signed up with them so not sure about how u go around cancelling etc

when you bought the game did you take the free one month trial of prime?(next day delivery)-if you clicked for this,they will now have billed the 49 quid for a years subs if you didnt cancel before your trial was up.

Think you can get a refund if you haven't used it since being charged?

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will call just now to see cheers

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Just called Amazon, getting refund with 2-3 days!

Ignore the "one day delivery" ... I waited 9 days for my purchase using the prime trial... I cancelled the trial straight away....

u took out the free trial and didnt cancel

if you havent used it since ring them they will send you an email to cancel and you will get your money back

i did exactly the same x

I took the trial last year and cancelled properly, with no problems.

A few weeks ago i was going to order something and clicked on Amazon Prime, seeing if it would give me another trial, not realising it signed you up straight away. There is a cancel butto though, fortunately, if you haven't used it.

Amazon are good like that though, they don't have to give you the money back if you forgot to cancel the trial, but it's good customer service. I remember a free trial from AOL many years ago, for unlimited dial up for one month, after cancelling correctly, AOL STILL charged and was a nightmare to get back.

Well Done Amazon :thumbsup:

Thanks didn't realise I could get my money back if not used,just cancelled on line..
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