Posted 10th Sep 2022
Adding a family member or friend under the Amazon Household another person can piggybank off your account. The Amazon Household set up allows two different Amazon accounts with different billing information and addresses to be linked.

To share your Amazon Prime benefits:

Visit Your Amazon Prime Membership.
Locate the Share your Prime Benefits section.
Select Invite someone now.
Enter the name and email address of the person you want to share benefits with.
Select Invite.
Your invitee must know your date of birth to accept your invitation.
You can stop sharing benefits with your household member at any time. To do this, check the corresponding box and select Remove.…BZ7

What Prime Benefits can Adult Household Members Share?

Prime members can share certain benefits with the other adult in their Amazon Household.

To share Prime benefits and digital content between adults, both adults must link their accounts through Amazon Household and agree to share payment methods. Both adults will keep their own personal account while sharing Prime benefits. To set up an Amazon Household, go to Amazon Household.

You can share the following Prime benefits with the other adult in your Amazon Household:

Delivery Benefits
You can share the following delivery benefits:

Prime Delivery
Prime Now
Amazon Fresh
Digital Benefits
You can share the following digital benefits:

Prime Video streaming
Prime reading
Discounts and Exclusives
You can share the following discounts and exclusives:

Prime Try Before You Buy
Prime Early Access
Prime-exclusive items
Prime-exclusive pricing on Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited
Up to 20% off subscriptions for nappies, baby food
Prime-exclusive pricing on select popular products and an additional 10% off hundreds of sale items throughout Whole Foods Market stores
Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming is a set of Amazon Prime benefits created for gamers. Prime and Prime Student members can share the benefits of Prime Gaming. Members can link up to four Prime Gaming accounts to enjoy exclusive chat icons. To link Prime Gaming accounts with your Amazon Prime or Prime Student account, visit Prime.
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  1. Avatar
    Wish I knew that beforehand… would have saved me a lot of money
  2. Avatar
    If you have had 2 adults on your prime account and let your account lapse, you can't join another for 180 days.
  3. Avatar
    Don't people do this anyway?
    Letting family/friends use the same account :/
  4. Avatar
    Is there still an option to not share payment methods? Do you think it's safe to share with a none family member?
  5. Avatar
    Does this works for students account
  6. Avatar
    I'm in a household with my partner and I get the free prime deliveries etc... However I don't appear to get Prime Video. It doesn't accept my credentials (which are same for the household account) and asks me to sign up for a prime trial. When I check my actual account on Amazon though it shows I'm a prime member.

    So I guess what I'm asking is do you have to use the main account holders credentials to sign in and use Prime video, or should I as a household account be able to use it using my own email etc..?