Posted 28th Nov 2022 (Posted 23 h, 34 m ago)
Bit **** from Amazon, if i'm honest, considering already seen price hikes in Prime Memberships a while back.

Amazon recently updated their service to include more songs BUT they also changed the way you could listen to songs, with no skip, just shuffle, which only has six skips every hour, which means that you'll have to sit through songs that you don't like and not all songs we related.

Many hotukdeals members we quick to respond to the update, with many annoyed on what Amazon had done, now we know why. Previously, customers only needed basic Amazon Music which is included in Prime membership, costing £8.99 a month. However, they will now need to fork out another £8.99 for Amazon Music Unlimited if they wish to choose their song.

Amazon Prime customers will now have to pay more money to request a specific song from Alexa. If they choose not to, customers will instead be treated to 'similar' songs.

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    Amazon getting greedy ? Nah....
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    Yes this is useless now. I used this every day for long commutes in the car picking and choosing any album or song I wanted. Now I ask for Oasis and I get Manic Street Preachers and the likes
    TBH i've not used Amazon Music for ages now, rather Spotify, but that doesn't sound great!
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    I just switched to Apple Music from YouTube Music Premium because my student status was expiring and apparently I had already verified it with Apple (I no longer have access to my student email)

    Amazon Music with Prime was my plan for when my YouTube Premium Student membership expired, just a shame that's more limited now. To be fair I don't find Apple Music that bad, even though I'm definitely no Apple fan

    Side note - I pay for Apple Music with my Google Play balance. I did with YouTube Premium as well. If you get enough credit from Google Opinion Rewards like I do it really helps pay for your subscriptions! (edited)
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    Yep, this changed a few weeks ago and it's really upset my son. He has a playlist setup to help him sleep and it's now his routine to play it to get to sleep or if he wakes up in the night.
    Now it plays suggestions based on his playlist he's struggling to sleep.
    Looks like I may need to look into Spotify premium instead.

    Very underhanded of Amazon
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    Having amazon prime for like decades now, i never knew that we had a free music service. What have i been missing?
    Prime music is (was) fantastic. Thousands of songs and albums for free, playlist creation etc.

    Did you never ask your Alexa to play a song?
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    changed ours to default to Apple Music, barclaycard and shazam offers got me through to middle of next year. Only problem is Alexa occasionally thinks it doesnt have a default and trys to play it on Amazon music.

    The original hot deal should have been moved to discussions, people obviously thought it was a good deal until more details came out and it was seen in action.
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    Its called creative accounting, to pay less tax !
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    For the 1st time in years this is the biggest thing Amazon has done to irritate me. You don't realise what you have till it's gone. I used their music for hours daily around the house - now it's unusable. I will NOT be paying (I already pay for it) twice no matter how cheap it gets and that is out of protest. I am also exploring other options now.

    Shocking practice Amazon and a mistake I can tell you - you will drive millions off your music services
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