Posted 5th Jan 2023
Anyone else having issues with next day deliveries? Mine are current 3 days not next day. I asked Amazon why and they said 3rd party issues?!? Then asked if I wanted to cancel, which I have!
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    Could be worse least they didn't use Evri
    About half of my Amazon deliveries come with Hermes/Evri. The other half is a 50/50 split of DPD and Royal Mail. Depends on what warehouse it's coming from.

    Not all postcode areas are covered by Amazon logistics, and Evri is their favorite for the areas that aren't covered by their own delivery service due to the low costs.…WCH
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    £8.99? Any true self-respecting & savvy HUKD member also has student status and therefore eligible for 6m free Prime Student then optional £4.99/m,
    or even £3.99/m if brazen enough to show Amazon its own current marketing.

    Quick check still shows tomorrow (one day) on multiple items for me. (edited)
    I must have missed that?? How do I claim student status even though I left school in the 1980’s!?!?
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    Yeah same,It’s getting harder to justify the £8.99 tbh (edited)
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    Annoyingly, they still sell it as next day when you are choosing, I only find out after I have placed the order.
    Every Prime order I place states the delivery date on the payment page, often prefixed by "guaranteed".
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    I’ve not renewed Prime. It’s just not worth it anymore…
    Same. The summer price increase took the biscuit!
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    Similar here, for example this week, Wednesday before noon when I looked I could only order for Friday delivery on any items with prime. But I can still order right now within 6 hours for Friday delivery? I complained about it before Christmas to amazon and they asked for examples of items which had this issue, but couldn't do anything but pass on my comments to the relevant team. Back in November I had same day delivery on majority of items if ordered by noon the same day. That has gone.

    Doesn't seem an issue in the run up to weekends but mainly during the week, unable to get next day delivery.
    It could be due with possible strikes as amazon have had some areas of there business striking in the UK.

    But yes its getting harder to justify the £95 a year for a service which isn't guaranteed now.
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    Same day or next day for me,always good business.
    Same here. Even with text message to let me know if they had to put it somewhere safe...
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    it depends on the item. the ones you want most take a week or so and the stuff you aren't bothered about comes next day, even if you prefer it a few days later like the weekend. i think the bank holidays and sales have an impact on things when they are busy
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    I’m also having issues, not for the first time Amazon marked an item as dispatched when they clearly haven’t. Courier doesn’t have it. Amazon CS always blame the courier losing the parcels.

    Sure I got a refund but I made a purchase and they took my money once it was marked as dispatched. Clearly they did not fulfil my order!
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    I still get next day delivery but must admit it isn't as often as it used to be.
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    Mine changed ages ago to 3 day delivery but i am in n.ireland so we expect this.
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