Amazon Prime Help, Forgot to cancel free trial

Found 17th Jan 2009
Basically i logged in today to cancel my free trial of amazon prime to realise that my free trial ended yesterday!

Does anyone know if i can somehow avoid being charged £48?

I only used prime once during the free trial, to make sure i got a pressie before xmas. Didn't think it would end up costing me £48.

I would be grateful for anyone's help

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Can I cancel my membership to Amazon Prime?

You can cancel your membership in ]Your Account at any time before you or your registered guests have made any eligible purchases and we will refund your full membership fee.
So does that mean i will be refunded the amount even though i used the prime service during my free trial?

Thats what i'm not sure about.
phone them and ask

Talk to Us!

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Yes, as long as you haven't used it whilst paid they will refund
yes you should get it back, a free trial is not a full membership
Thank you everyone for your help.

Have just cancelled my membership, and will wait for the money to sort itself out. If it doesn't work out then i'll phone them up.

Really thought i'd just lost £50.

Thank you once again
Would be nice if you got it back.

Sounds harsh but I don't think Amazon should have to pay it back to you.

Amazon have done their part of the deal and provided you with a free next-day postal service as a trial at a cost to them - which you took advantage of(like I currently am doing). Then by sheer bad luck you forgot to cancel and Amazon took their money.

Kinda defeats the object of the 'free' trial and (maybe) the terms attached to it.

If the trial purchases are not eligable(as Choccy eluded to) then you owe Amazon nothing if you cancel now.
They haven't actually taken the money from my account yet, but i'm sure it will come out of my account rather today or monday.

As i say i only made use of the prime services once for xmas, and didn't realise it was yesterday it ran out. Its even more annoying that i was only one day out.

Was trying to think of ways i could get around paying the amount, but couldn't think of anything.

Will just have to cross my fingers and hope i get a refund.

Just found this info at the bottom of an email they sent to me when i started the free trial.
"You can always request a refund of the most recent charge if your benefits haven't been used in the new term."

So i should be ok going by that
I've done this as well. Got a Prime trial for a purchase at Christmas, and just noticed that I haven't cancelled it. I've clicked the button, so hoping that I'm going to get the money back as I'm a cash strapped teenager :P
aaaargh, bathfan, did they refund your money, please tell me.

aaaargh, bathfan, did they refund your money, please tell me.

they refund you if you haven't used prime since your trial ended
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